Lead The Way to The Top

If you’ve been unsuccessful in climbing the corporate ladder, perhaps you don’t come across as promotion material. Hone your leadership skills to start impressing the right people.

Getting ahead in business is no longer about brown-nosing and being related to the boss. In this tough job market, companies are promoting from within – while that’s good in the sense that you have a shot at a promotion just by virtue of the fact that you work there, it also means that you must constantly come across as promotion material.

Leadership skills are the number one thing employers look for when a management position opens up, even more so than experience. An inexperienced leader can be groomed for the job, but an ineffectual leader will be a dismal failure no matter how experienced he is. By polishing your leadership skills and putting them out there for everyone to see, you’ll catch the eye of the powers that be, and your name just might come up in the next board meeting

Don’t be Bossy

Showing off leadership skills does not mean bossing people around. You probably don’t have actual authority over your coworkers (yet), so don’t pretend that you do. You’ll come across as an officious jerk, and you’ll be the opposite of an effective leader. Think of yourself as the office cheerleader, guide, and keeper. Your goal is to make people care about what they’re doing, give them what they need to do it well, and put out the fires that arise along the way.