Reasons To Live At The Grey Oaks Naples Golf Community

The Grey Oaks community is one of the first locations that you should examine if you are interested in living in one of these upscale golfing communities. It is a place where you get access to three different golf courses, a couple of clubhouses, and some of the best landscaping that you will ever see. The houses are exquisite, numbering almost a thousand. The golf courses were designed by professionals that understood how to integrate the surrounding area to make everything exquisite. If you would like to consider living at Grey Oaks Naples golf community, this overview will show you why it is so popular with people that are in Naples today or you might want to check out more info inĀ

What Will You Find Out The Grey Oaks Golf Community

This community is one of the more expensive. It has quite a bit to offer for the price. Instead of just one golf course, you get three professional golf courses designed for individuals that are well known in the industry. There are a couple of clubhouses with a combined 80,000 square feet of space. There are memberships that you can join which will allow you to play golf, to social events and many other activities.

How Do You Find Out About Available Housing?

There is entirely a bit of available housing at this location because of the number of homes that are currently there. Some of them come available from time to time, and local realtors that sell them can alert you when they are listed. The prices can start as low as $600,000, going all the way up to over a million. Condominiums are priced as high as $8 million, making them some of the most expensive in the Naples area. Speaking with a local realtor that sells these properties all the time is the key to finding the best deals. You should also know why you are moving there other than the reputation of this community.

What You Should Know About The Golf Courses

The golf courses that are there are three of the best that you will ever play on. They are divided up between the Estuary, Pine, and Palm courses. Each one of them is roughly 7000 yards in length. Each one is different because of the way they incorporate the surrounding area. Exotic grasses, rolling fairways, and unusual rock formations create magical landscapes that will make you want to play the game of golf just to see them.

The Clubhouses At Gray Oaks Naples

The two clubhouses are uniquely positioned. For example, you can go to the East clubhouse which is the largest. It utilizes tropical palm trees, upscale restaurants, and provides yoga and aerobic classes. You can play tennis, and also take advantage of the ornamental flower plants that are all throughout this area. The West clubhouse is about one-third of the size. There is a pro shop in there with many places to dine. There are private locker rooms, and you can also set up unique private catered events. Everything will be done with the expertise and luxury that you would expect.

How To Find Real Estate Agents That Can Help You Purchase A Home

The real estate agents that are in Naples are well aware of the popularity of the homes that are at the Grey Oaks facility. There are some that exclusively offer luxury homes that are at the top country clubs and gated communities. You should be able to find a realtor that will have all of this information. They can schedule a time for you to visit one of these homes that are for sale. This will also allow you to see the interior of this place. It is designed for the affluent, individuals that are used to the very best. The combination of the clubhouses, golf courses, tennis courts, and all of the amenities will motivate you to consider living in this place.

Other Reasons To Limit Grey Oaks

This facility is also one of the most beautiful that you will ever see. It utilizes a combination of Mediterranean and European styles. All of the architecture is designed in this way, but there is also a certain elegance to the way the golf courses and greens are situated throughout this community. After it opened in 1993, it has received quite a few awards on how beautiful the location is. In fact, it is in the top 1% of all of the country clubs that you could live that in the United States.

Grey Oaks country club is a fantastic location. There are multiple neighborhoods with many different homes available. If you are attracted to the golf courses, you can find out more about those by talking to a local realtor. At the very least, you will be at a location that very few people will ever have access to because of the prices and exclusivity that Grey Oaks provides.