The book “15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership” is written by Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman, and Kaley Warner Klemp. Jim Dethmer is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. He founded CLG (Conscious Leadership Group).

Diana Chapman is also the co-founder of CLG while Kaley Warner Klemp is the YPO facilitator and a leadership adviser.

Unconscious leaders as the name suggests are the old traditional leaders who just go with the flow. They don’t do anything new and they either don’t learn new things. They have more threats and fears. This kind of leadership isn’t appropriate to work in the long run. Under unconscious leadership, only distrust and hate prevail. This book tells 15 commitments to follow for being a conscious leader. All these commitments help a leader to create a healthy working environment for the employees and the organization.

1- Radical Responsibility

This commitment starts with accepting the fact that nothing is wrong with blaming yourself for your mistakes. If you’ll blame yourself, your employees will trust you more.

2- Learn through Curiosity

Always be ready to explore new things. Learn from your mistakes and become a pioneer.

3- Master Emotional Intelligence

Say what you feel. Don’t repress your feelings and emotions.

4- Speak Candidly

Speak all your heart to your employees. This will help you have strong communication with your employees and you both could be more honest with each other.

5- Eliminate Gossip

Be honest and speak what you feel and ask your employees to do the same.

6- Practice Integrity

Always keep your word. Don’t say something which you don’t mean.

7- Appreciate the little efforts

Appreciate even the little efforts of your employees so that they could work more generously.

8- Be unique

Be unique and genius. Work in the area you are best in as a genius cannot be transferred.

9- Work and rest

Keep your professional life away from your personal life. Work but don’t forget to make fun too. Don’t make your work boring for you as well as for your employees.

10- Explore the opposite

Let others speak and accept the interpretations of your employees to get the best in all cases.

11- Source control, security, and approval

Be satisfied and happy with what you have. In a desire for achieving more, you may also lose what you have.

12- Have everything enough

Don’t always strive for money. Have enough of all, time, money, and love. Don’t chase them as at some point in life, you will have it all.

13- Consider everyone your friend

You need to remember the fact that everyone around you and everything that happens has something to teach you. So keep in mind that not everybody is your enemy.

14- Create win

For being a conscious leader, you shouldn’t only create a win for yourself but for everyone to create a healthy working environment. Learn to collaborate.

15- Be the resolution

If there is no solution, you become the solution which you need.