Does not matter wherever you live, if you live in a rural area or urban area if you live in a flat or detached house, every member of the household needs considerable outdoor activity for better health and leisure.  From outdoor games and sports to DIY projects, outdoor activities cover a vast spectrum. We have shortlisted and noted down a few of the trending activities which are functional and fun.

1. Vegetable Garden

mother and daughter making Vegetable garden

Depending upon region and weather conditions you can plant a vegetable garden in the backyard or any outdoor area of your home. Shortlist vegetables you want to grow, collect their seeds from the nearest gardening center, wear a cute overall and you are good to go for this activity. Dig up a small space and plant those seeds you just brought.   With proper care and due wait planted vegetables will be ready to harvest. Harvest those vegetables and enjoy them with your loved ones over a deliciously cooked meal. 

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Be a Tourist in Your Own City

A touristy Saturday never hurts anyone once in a while. Be a tourist in your own home town and explore new places.  Every city is evolving and if not explored your city has probably a lot offer since did so last time. There can a new restaurant waiting to serve you a delicious meal or a new theater to mesmerize you with a breathtaking performance.  This also gives you a sense of break and freedom from hectic corporate routines and fun times to spend with your loved ones. 

3. Drone Flying

Drone Flying Outdoor Activities

Flying a drone is one of the things that is considerably new to people. People are coming up with innovative activities and functionalities for drones. From delivering pizza to shooting a video drones have a very broad spectrum of usage.  If you love playing with innovative and toys for adults flying drones in your backyard or park can be a real option for you. Drones provide a much safer way to play with a toy you can fly around.

4. Birds and Animals Observation

Birds and Animals Observation

This activity is particularly attractive for people living in rural areas or in homes with vast backyards. You can make a small observatory where you can check out adorable wildlife in their natural habitat without being scared of humans.  This only works if you lure animal birds closer to your spot, you can do so by using animal feeders, especially deer feeders. 

All you need to do is set up a deer feeder and fill it up with some fresh feed. Deer herd attracted by the smell of fresh feed stays quite a long time near observatory to feed off that fresh feed. 

5. Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned outdoor workout. From running to attending a yoga class in your nearest park, an outdoor workout keeps anyone healthy and active. It has to be one of the cheapest yet most fruitful activities one can indulge in. Open gyms are becoming trendy, where people lift weights in a more primitive manner.