Suppose you are brushing your teeth and notice blood on your toothbrush. You check on your teeth and you find redness and swelling of gums moreover. You see plague below your jawline and tartar in the pockets of your gums. This is the sign that your dental health is at stake. And what your hygienist will do in this case would be to clean your teeth thoroughly. But wait, you also clean your teeth daily. Then what’s the difference? You will see when you learn about deep cleaning in detail.

What is a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Deep Teeth Cleaning before and after

A process of cleaning the teeth completely, all way round and down the roots. This is also known as gum therapy. In deep teeth cleaning the dentist cleans your teeth properly with equipment just like the dentist in Los Gatos California do. There are spaces between your teeth and gums. In case of some disease, the space is equipped with plaque and tartar. The gum therapy removes all the disease-causing agents from the roots along with the cleaning of the teeth.

Dr. Mahsa explains the deep teeth cleaning is done in two visits. Or it may take more than two depending on the severity of the problems. Let’s discuss the process by which you can get a beautiful smile.

The Gum Therapy Procedure

Gum Therapy Procedure

You can have germs-free healthy teeth in just two visits to your hygienists. And the overall process is also divided into two parts.

  • The doctor first takes a thorough examination of your teeth using an X-ray and ultrasound to see the severity of the problem.
  • In the first part, the dentist will remove all the tartar and plaque from pockets between the teeth and gums. This is called the Scaling part. It involves the complete cleaning of your teeth to remove the yellowish pigment. Also, he flosses your teeth with a threadlike material.
  • Then, the dentist would clean and smooth the roots of the tooth. The smoothing of gums minimizes the spaces between teeth and gums and the procedure is called Root Planning. Dental equipment is used in this process to make sure the reattachment of the roots with gums.

Apart from having bad breath, yellowish teeth, or bleeding gums you should have deep teeth cleaning at least twice in six months to ensure your teeth health. This prevention will protect your teeth from severe dental diseases like gingivitis.

Why is it Necessary to Have a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Our daily edibles contain a lot of bacteria entering our mouths. These bacteria can be eradicated by brushing twice a day. If your spaces between your teeth and gums are hollow, the bacteria will start accumulating there. These germs harden and become tartar. They may be very painful and result in the swelling and bleeding of the gums. The teeth may expose to many chronic diseases such as gingivitis, mouth ulcers, sores, bleeding gums, periodontists, and multiple others. It may cause the decay of roots and loss of teeth if ignored. It is best practice to see your doctor as soon as possible in case of any of the above symptoms.