Motivation is an invisible force that pushes the person. It is a driving force to be more precise which helps us to accomplish things. If a person has an aim to become successful, he should know that makes him motivated. How a person starts something and how effectively he finishes it that’s what motivation does. All the successful people that have inhabited this world, they only reached their goal because they had the motivation to do so. 

Motivation can be gotten from different sources and can be of different types. Two main motivation types are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and they differ from each other quite a lot.


Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is the something that you do despite knowing that it won’t have any visible rewards, but you do it just because you like it and it makes you happy. So, basically it is to do something because it makes you better and you enjoy it rather than expecting a good result or a reward in return.

Intrinsic motivation is something that benefits you internally, it makes you grow, it glows you up from the inside and that’s why it keeps a person going and he enjoys it.

There are various examples that show intrinsic motivation of person. For example you participate in sports and enjoy it, even if you don’t get a defined reward for it, it makes you happy. Similarly, travelling is an intrinsic motivation. Through travelling, you grow so much, know about different cultures and have new interactions. Again, it doesn’t have external rewards but internally it helps you a lot.

Extrinsic Motivation

Simply putting, extrinsic motivation is not something that necessarily helps you with happiness but you have to do it because a certain reward is at stake and you have to get it to complete a goal. 

Extrinsic motivation, not maybe enjoyable but puts you through all the paces. It helps you in learning new skills and do things that you couldn’t do before and even better your previous skills. 

A few examples of extrinsic motivation are as follows: To earn money, you have to go and work. It doesn’t necessarily make you happy but earns you a livelihood. Another example is that most students are not interested in studying but they do because they are required to get good results and to get them you need your motivation.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation

Sometimes in case of just one situation there can be multiple scenarios of motivations. A great example is that some students like to study because they gain knowledge from that and are not even interested in grades. For them intrinsic motivation works and there are other students who study only because they want to gain good grades and are not interested in the knowledge they are getting, this is a case of extrinsic motivation. 

So, no matter its intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, motivation is the thing that gets a person going.