Have you ever listened that there is no scope of psychology? If yes, then this is patently wrong. This is because Psychology falls into the ranking of the top three majors at the level of undergraduate. Most probably in 2014, the jobs of psychology get soar more than an average ratio. The demand for trained psychologists is increasing day by day. But there is chief competition in psychology. This is because you need to master various domains like behavioral, sociology, research, legal issues, and medical science to grasp a high-position job. Let’s discuss the psychology degree scope.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology?

This is the most frequently asked question. No need to worry about your psychology degree because it is not useless.  As you have listened to this many times that:

“Psychology degree is a great initiating point for a career in both arts and science fields, as because of it an individual is equipped with a diverse range of skills and open ups a new pave of opportunities for employers”

I jotted down a Holy Grail list of jobs with a Psychology degree that will surely help you in pursuing your career.

  • Activities Director, 
  • Patient Resources Reimbursement Agent, 
  • Admissions Evaluator, Labor Relations Manager,                Loan Officer, 
  • Benefits Manager, Advertising Sales Representative,         Market Research Analyst, 
  • Management Analyst,                                                               Personnel Recruiter, 
  • Real Estate Agent,                                                                     Child Development Specialist,
  •  Probation/Parole Officer,                                                        Information Specialist
  • Polygraph Examiner, 
  • Career Information Specialist, 
  • Police Officer,                                                                            Caseworker, 
  • Preschool Teacher,                                                                   Public Relations Representative,
  • Psychological Stress Evaluator,                                              Community Organization Worker,
  •  Claims Supervisor,                                                                   Purchasing Agent,  
  • Child Welfare/Placement Caseworker,                                Psychiatric Aide/Attendant, 
  • Community Worker,                                                                 Coach,
  •  Conservation Officer,                                                       Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist (PSR), 
  • Computer Programmer,                                                    Psychiatric Technician, 
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist,                                   Project Evaluator, 
  • Criminal Investigator (FBI and other),                            Recreation Leader, 
  • Recreation Supervisor,                                                     Corrections Officer, 
  • Customer Service Representative Supervisor,             Job Analyst
  • Retail Salesperson,                                                            Research Assistant
  • Database Administrator,                                                 Department Manager
  • Disability Case Manager,                                                  Data Base Design Analyst
  • Systems Analyst,                                                               Social Services Aide
  • Sales Clerk,                                                                         Disability Policy Worker
  • Technical Writer,                                                Employee Health Maintenance Program Specialist
  • Substance Abuse Counselor,                                          Financial Aid Counselor
  • Volunteer Coordinator,                                                   Employment Interviewer
  • Employee Relations Specialist,                                      Veterans Contact Representative
  • Employment Counselor,                                                 Veterans Counselor
  • Vocational Training Teacher,                                         Victims’ Advocate
  • Writer,                                                                               Health Care Facility Administrator
  • Fund Raiser,                                                                      Human Resource Advisor

It is ludicrous to think that you are useless with a bachelor’s degree. But you need to think more about the nuanced part that having a Psychology degree does not entitle any individual to any of the above list.

Mostly, the jobs you acquire depend on your experience and expertise in the specific field. For becoming a chartered psychologist, you need to get postgraduate training and higher study. This is because of the course entry requirements. Experience buildup is mandatory and vital. Because to get a good job you need to work on a volunteer ship and then ultimately you will get a paid job.


In a nutshell, for becoming a good psychologist and to get jobs with a psychology degree, you need to have experience and expertise in the field.